You always ask me why I love you, so I decided to write it all down so you can keep it and read it whenever you feel the need.

I love your sense of humor. It’s one of the first things I noticed about you.

Ewan ko ba, may something talaga sa mga biro mo na nakaka-attract umpisa pa lang. nakakabadtrip wag ka na mag joke sa iba ha? hehe selfish ako.

I love your optimistic nature. You always try to see the good in every person and situation, even when I can’t see it myself. Lalong lalo na kapag hopeless na ako, kilala mo naman ako diba? Pero once I look at the world through your eyes, it’s a better place.

I love the way you look. Ang pogi mo bes nakakainis ka, but you don’t seem to realize how good looking you are. I see the way other people look at you, and I know they envy me for being with you. I’d love you even if you weren’t so darn handsome, but I’m glad you are. JACKPOT si ako! hahahaha.

I love holding your hand, actually I can hold it forever. When you take my hand in yours, I feel safe and cared for. I can’t tell you how wonderful that is.

I love your generous soul. Whenever someone’s in need, you’re the first person to lend a hand. Some people might think you’re a little too generous and easily taken advantage of, but I know better. You just can’t resist helping because you understand how easily you could find yourself in the same situation. Eh kasi nga ang SUPER nice mo.

I love the way you kiss me. Your lips perfectly fit with mine. I love those quick kisses you shower me with throughout the day, and I love your deep, lingering kisses even more. They make my toes curl, and I shiver with delight. Yang kiss na yan pahamak talaga eh. haha

Most importantly, I love the way you complete me. You are my the soul mate I thought I’d never find. You cheer me up when I’m down and help me find balance when my world is out of control. You make me want to do the same for you. And DEFINITELY I will do everything to make you complete also. I will bring out the best in you! And most importantly, I want to be the main reason why you’re happy!

When I think about all the reasons I love you, I begin to wonder why someone as special as you loves me. Madaming madami pang reasons mahal ko! Iilan lang yan, gusto ko lang pong magkaron ka ng idea kahit pano. hehe

Mahal na mahal kita and alam kong alam mo naman yun! Smile na po. Tunay to!




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  1. Ajay Vyas says:

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  2. J | Beauty's Expert Amateur says:

    This is so beautiful, gorgeous writing! xx

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    1. justlynne21 says:

      awwww thank you!

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